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The Right Way

Are you looking for your big break in the music industry? This service benefits our music artists and guides them through difficult decisions or teaching them specifics tasks such as EPKs and website design. Swing by our offices or get in touch today to learn more.


Dedicated to You

For those performers looking to develop their artistry further and have the business-savvy required to compete and be successful in the very fast-paced music industry, we offer a variety of services in both full and part time formats. On the business side of things, Music Business Consulting is arguably one of the most important services that we offer. The music industry is a big business that if not understood completely, can cost you a lot of money, frustration and turmoil. Our consulting services explain how the industry works in terms you can understand, how to get signed to a major record label, how to best market your talents, what other lucrative career options there are besides just performing, how to read different contracts, how to determine when you need a lawyer, and understanding the reality of what you’re truly getting yourself into. There are so many different parts of the music business, and learning how they are all intertwined from an educated and experienced professional will save you, your family member, or client a lot of time and heartache later. Find out what type of music profession best suits you and put yourself on the right path for success by gaining the knowledge you need to make the right choices for yourself and your family.



  • Studio recording

  • Mixing & Mastering

  • Song copyrighting

  • Performing rights organization affiliation advising

  • Photoshoots

  • Worldwide digital music distribution(iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music etc.),

  • Music videos

  • Social media and website management

  • Live show preparation

  • Marketing & promotion

  • Business start-up

  • Financial advising & budgeting.